2015 in review- for the number addicts!

8 thoughts on “2015 in review- for the number addicts!”

      1. Amazing DF I love all the details … sewing and blog…all best wishes to you both for a happy and fabulously dressed 2016………………… 2016 can’t believe its 2016 It was only just the millennium wasn’t it.

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      2. I know we said something similar earlier this evening- in 2000 I turned 40, my oldest was 18, and I’d not long started in teaching. Blimey. Ah well, free bus pass before too much longer!


  1. I was 40 in 2000.. for 1 day… I joined you in being 55 on the 30th of December… I’m going to have to tick the next age box on forms now 😦 Don’t want to think about Bus passes yet!!!

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