12 thoughts on “Taylor-made.”

  1. I really like this one too. You’ve had a good weekend! I know the stripes are symmetrical, but it looks great. It adds to the interest and the blue is a nice strong colour, that lifts it.

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  2. Really love this one but don’t think you should worry about too much leg if you had done a front slit with legs like yours but liking the back slit anyway which is more classy (?!!) I note in your Reese ‘un to be cheerful you described yourself as rectangle shape but would anyone else agree you seem more apple? Anyway love the colour and love the stripes – keep blogging- guess you can tell I’m loving it and might move on from pyjama bottoms anyway soon! (not that vogue bugger tho’. Reese ‘uns not to be cheerful if you ask me).

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    1. Oh yes I’m a whole barrel of apples, plus a few orchards, but Vogue only do 4 shapes, and by that I’m more rectangular [no waist] lol
      It’s all cobblers really isn’t it? I’m definitely making more of these dresses, I feel dead fancy in this.
      And trust me, my students would NOT want to be given views of my granny thighs, my days of milfdom are past, and I don’t think gilfdom has caught on yet…

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      1. oh heck just had a thought about my own – yep, keep em covered. What the students don’t see their dear little hearts can’t grieve about. We don’t want them scarred for life..


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