Than this of Juliet…

13 thoughts on “Than this of Juliet…”

  1. Another hit and a complete outfit with the altered dress, I see what you mean about the odd pattern shape but it did turn out fine. Don’t you just love SA?

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    1. Interesting! The top bodice, lower bodice, and tie would all show different directions, on that RHS piece only. the LHS would all go one way, as would back and sleeves. LHS button band is folded, RHS is a separate piece, and would have to be straight grain to stabilise that bias front edge. Could look CRAZY! I want one now…


  2. Cool pattern! I don’t know how they invented that tie/dart thingee but it is such an original design, I like it. I wonder how it would look on my rectangle shaped body! It looks great on you. Very clever chopping off the skirt from the dress – I have been known to do that before with unworn dresses – I either use the top or the bottom! – especially with fabrics I love.

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