Late Bloomer

Part 2 of The Edwardian cycling outfit from  Laughing Moon #110.  I was originally planning to make the entire outfit in the African wax print, but pattern matching and fabric width defeated me.  I got this rather gorgeous quality black cotton sateen as a substitute, and used it for the collar on the jacket, to … Continue reading Late Bloomer


I persuaded the missus to drive me into town to buy buttons.  A short jaunt, which involved many flights of stairs because the carpark was RAMMED! I chose some buttons, then some more buttons, then some buttons for the other thing, then some spare cover-it-yourself buttons.  YAY BUTTONS!  I also got a bag/purse frame, because … Continue reading AbFabFrickardian

Art of Africa

The African wax print cycling jacket is nearly done, so I thought I’d give you a couple of teaser pics and a progress report.  Proper pics over the weekend, once the buttons are on! The pattern is Laughing Moon #110, which is apparently a copy of an original 1890s pattern.  The back has two stitched … Continue reading Art of Africa

Waxing Hysterical

Decisions decisions… I’ve been dithering, and distracted by work stress [nothing new there], but had a moment of revelation, which is igniting the sew-jo at last! The pattern which is calling to me the loudest seems to be the Edwardian lady’s sporting costume, #110 form Laughing Moon.  When I knocked together my planning last week, … Continue reading Waxing Hysterical