Khaleesi does it…

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  1. Ooohhh…! Fabulous! Must continue to read WP on laptop, as I got all your pics immediately. This outfit is quite amazing, and you got it done so quickly too. I bow to your super sewer powers.
    Caption suggestion, since you’re a math teacher: And you believe the solution to this equation is WHAT? *g*
    Also, the baby dragon. *melts* Good job, little chamaeleon, masquerading as a young dragon. Well done.

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    1. You think kids pay ANY attention to age ratings? Never have, never will…. anyway, I mostly teach 6th form, and there were enough who got it the moment they saw me, even without the dragon.
      Mind you, I DID point out that even if you don’t watch a TV show, you have difficulty not being familiar with images form it- I’ve never watched Evil Dead or various other popular shows, yet I would be able to recognise some of the main characters…


  2. I love it! And especially the baby dragon.
    But I am curious, did you really pink AND zigzag? The same seams? That would make a horrible mess no matter what fabric. I usually pink a scrap first, and rub my fingers along it briskly back and forth, before I give something a real pinking, the good ones are almost always cotton anyway

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    1. I zigzagged first, but it was frayiong hoibly. Trimming away the mess mas messier than pinking away the mess. Eventually it subsided lol…thing is, the pattern is not set up for a clean inside finish in any case. Only the front upper bodice has a lining, which you apply to finish the neck edge [not strong enough on this shape], catch over the ‘waist’ seam, then insert sleeves to all layers so the multiple thickness of the armscye is a hot mess, with no way to redeem it at all other than pinking. In finser fabrics it might have been feasible to bind some seams. The other skirt seams and inside sleeve seams are all single layer, and I MIGHT have overlocked them but I was waiting for the replacement plate after busting the pins on it with the uber-thick jumper I made last. Neither pinking nor zigzagging alone would stop the fraying. Both fabrics being textured with unusual weave patterns no doubt added to the mix. Lining the lot would have been better, but hey ho

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