Making Plans…not for Nigel, for me!

27 thoughts on “Making Plans…not for Nigel, for me!”

  1. I LOVE the purple and green and look forward to the Westwood skirt. The trousers look very low-crotched to me and give me images of a tot walking along trying to pull the diaper into a comfy position, so I hope it is not like that. It would be for me!

    That song was always strange, sinister, and very catchy–amusing to see them being hard men while lipsynching–that one on the backing vocals seems to have the worst time of it but it all works out.

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      1. It’s good they suit you. I think I am a ‘make them giant’ type of clothing person, since tight things that might look and/or feel bad on me make me…er, look and feel bad!

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      2. Ah but there has to be a balance- too giant and it just looks like you’re wearing a duvet cover. I’m a firm believer that the clothes MUST fit your body somewhere, not just hang off it…much more flattering, especially if you can distract the eye with colour and pattern!

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      3. I agree, and it works for others–I’ve been a stage manager for musicals and did not dress them the way I dressed me!–but my brain does this sort of ‘stick it in a bag and deal with it later’ thing. It mostly comes from staying home and working online way too much lately and having the only style critic be my cat–poor health just sort of gave me such a hard time that it has been the least of my worries. When I work more in my office, or get out more, I wear at least smaller burlap sacks…

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      4. You make an effort, though, so it can look casual but not like Ole Mad Ron in the Terry Pratchett books. I, on the other hand, look like a baglady sometimes, yer basic pj bottoms or jeans and teeshirt, and nothing stylish or chic about it–

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  2. I am terribly envious of the Ursula fabric. Over the past few years I’ve come to terms with the fact that I find the villains more relatable than the princesses. 🙂

    I’m trying to pull together a few new pieces for the Pattern Review Weekend (my first!). I’ve been muslining the Judith dress by Boho Banjo, but I may just make up the skirt and go with a TNT top, as it’s a bit too much of a sack, even for me.

    I ordered a couple of Marcy Tilton patterns from the latest Vogue sale, but I don’t think they’ll get here in time. As it is I’ll probably be finishing something on the train. 🙂

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  3. I’m going to make those Brenne pants too (only joking – they are trizers, of course!)
    Can’t wait to see the Westwood skirt. Oh and I suggest you don’t go out this weekend. For some strange reason there’s a lot of union jack and stars and stripes bunting about.

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  4. I need to see these pyjamas-not-pyjamas pants (trousers) you’re talking about! Then, I need to figure out how to make some for myself! If I could respectably (I’d take semi-respectably) get away with living in my pjs, I would. There are times I need to leave the house, so I need a great pair of snazzy (you know, not ratty) looking pair of pyjama pants (trousers).


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