Cutting Remarks

Woohoo I got me some sew-jo!  I had a mad indulgent splurge last week [payday, can’t help myself] and ordered shedloads of patterns and fabrics.   They’ve been arriving all week, and I finally reached ignition point and got the itch again.  Just a little, but I have put in several hours of pattern prep … Continue reading Cutting Remarks

Bodice Shop

Time goes so fast when I’m on holiday!  I’m actually struggling to get my sewing speed up to normal- maybe I have just too many things on the back burner, so I can’t get a move on.  I spent most of yesterday messing on the PC or napping, and finally got down to some sewing … Continue reading Bodice Shop

Sewing with Mother: Sew Curvy Sophia Underbust Corset — Mother of Reinvention

Hi lovely people. Sometime earlier in the year I asked if anyone would be interested in a corset sew-along. Although this is labelled very loosely as a such, there is no start or finish date. If you fancy giving it a go I will be posting my construction stages in real-time and will be answering… via … Continue reading Sewing with Mother: Sew Curvy Sophia Underbust Corset — Mother of Reinvention

Boning up [again]

CoBloWriMo (Costume Blog Writing Month) Day 3, prompt 3: “Write about a new technique that you have learned recently or would like to learn” I made my first corset, following ‘instructions’ from the corset bible, ‘Corsets and Crinolines.’  It was OK, wearable-ish, but didn’t fit me well.  I also couldn’t afford proper gubbins back then, … Continue reading Boning up [again]


Ma’s out, pa’s out, let’s talk rude: Pee!  Poo! Belly!  Bum!  Drawers! This was one of my mum’s favourite ‘naughty’ rhymes when she was a kid.  I know, right? Anyway, I finished my victorian open drawers tonight.  They are from the Laughing Moon pattern, and were very easy and straightforward.  1 piece for each leg, … Continue reading Drawers…