Starring Stripes

Almost the last 2018 make, I just remembered one more! Vogue 9254,  Marcy Tilton dress.  Teal ponte and multi-stripe ponte What a strange pattern!  I like the cover image, and the line drawing is the usual vagueness expected from Tilton asymmetry and drapiness, so it intrigued me fo some time before I caved and bought … Continue reading Starring Stripes

Cut to the Chase

My latest exploits in cutting things out in bulk: Style Arc ‘Nina’ cardigan, teal ponte [tried and tested]  This pattern, different fabric Style Arc ‘Maise’ dress, teal ponte top, purple/teal African cotton print skirt [tried and tested] Simplicity  8177 ‘Mimi G’ long waistcoat, sleeveless this time, purple ponte [tried and tested] This pattern, different fabric … Continue reading Cut to the Chase

2 Tops…

    …in the same fabrics. On one of this year’s market trawls, I was trying soooo hard not to buy even more fabric, then succumbed at the last minute [OK, OK, I’d already succumbed a dozen times on that trip, shaddap!] I really was trying not to spend more, but as we were already … Continue reading 2 Tops…

Cutting Edge

Happy Christmas! My holidays have started, and there was a glimmer of light at the very end of term, hinting that things MIGHT improve slightly next year.  Time will tell. Meanwhile, I’ve got some sew-jo bubbling and fizzing.  I’ll be doing some end-of-year summary   posts over the next couple of weeks, but there’s plenty of … Continue reading Cutting Edge