Oz Coz #5: What a World!

Wicked Witches, Fairy style! No pointy hats, no broomstick, I want glamour and sass. Engineering research?  Definitely!   Inspired by these costume patterns, I went for a rummage in stash and found plenty of remnants of black fabrics:  I still have quite a lot of the very cheap peach-skin textured stuff from the rag market … Continue reading Oz Coz #5: What a World!

Kimono-ver to My Place!

I’ve had this pattern for ages, and first made it up from a light lime green second-hand kimono for the missus.  She liked it, never wore it, and has now outgrown it.  Hey ho. It’s a lovely pattern, one of the now defunct [I think] ‘Vogue Woman’ range, V8434, which had slightly more mature proportions, … Continue reading Kimono-ver to My Place!

Up the Cut

What’s she on about now? Preparing to cut out took longer than expected!  On the cutting table, two more Style Arc Lani tunics.  Now, the first one turned out nicely, but I dodged the FBA bullet by making the fronts out of jersey…and there’s still a little evidence that an FBA would have helped [I … Continue reading Up the Cut

Action and Distraction

It’s been a horrible week at work, battling against managerial incompetence and the usual bullying.  I’m only working four days a week now, to protect my tenuous grasp on sanity, but it can still feel like ten days.  Sigh.  My sewing mojo is struggling to get me into action most days. Half term now though, … Continue reading Action and Distraction