SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 2-#2: Toile and Trouble

9 thoughts on “SWA(SP)P 2016-Pack 2-#2: Toile and Trouble”

  1. I have that book and it’s really nice. Also I love the “plum” Worth dress on your pin board – what a treasure. Also that measurement system seems so complicated. Maybe it is aimed at someone with a maths degree, or similar? And I agree the lobster tail is amazing – looking forward to your self drafted skirt.


    1. It’s actually a very sensible measuring system once you think about it, and is aiming to at least deal with broad back/narrow back issues. The full/small bust can mostly be dealt with by the two very long darts at the front, and the armscye measurement is unusual but sane. I’m quite impressed- this should reduce fitting issues a great deal. I hope! Apart from the frill, the skirt will be very like the black one I ran up for my first steampunk outfit…but more solidly constructed I trust.

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  2. A good example of reading the instructions first being worthwhile. It will be in to see how much fitting is needed this time.
    I was knitting at 5.15am. We really nee to meet to compare notes and and share a chamomile tea in Birmingham!

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  3. I’ve had the book for a while, never done more than browse through it though. How many of us actually read and measure to such a great extent I wonder? Maybe would save us all a lot of bother if we did.

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