A-Lister: SWAP 2020

So, I did my year’s review, went through all the blog posts of 2019…and finally remembered that it’s SWAP time. Sheesh. Here are this year’s rules: Your Perfect Vision – SWAP 2020 11 pieces, in two groups: 9 or 10 that may coordinate (be worn together) to form outfits 1 or 2 that MUST coordinate (be able to be … Continue reading A-Lister: SWAP 2020

Good Afternoon

The Afternoon [dress and] blouse by Jennifer Lauren I squeezed this out of a piece of [fairly pricey] textured linen.  I cut the size 18, and used silk organza for the interfacing. I don’t like the look of the giant button on the front, so I used 2 vintagey glass-looking  ones instead. [They may even … Continue reading Good Afternoon


Yes well. I looked at the layout on the pattern- the zip at the back, which I didn’t want to include, goes off at an angle.  I decided to give it a go, so used wonder tape to layout the way I wanted it to sit, then found a long strip of silk and made … Continue reading Sub-Dued…

I’m On a Sub-Mission

A week of thinking, reading your suggestions and comments, and seething a bit. My measurements are correct My calculations are correct I followed the pattern instructions [such as they are] The pattern instructions even confirm that, whichever method you use [separate front and back, or tube method] the bottom width of the dress is about … Continue reading I’m On a Sub-Mission