Leopard at the chance!

Viscose jersey in a crazy red leopard print, matched to Vogue 1552, a Sandra Betzina design.  I’m really falling for these drapey voluminous dresses lately, and I’d indulged in the pattern a few weeks ago…then MyFabrics sent me a voucher, so I splurged on 2.5m of this mad print.  The voucher basically offset the postage … Continue reading Leopard at the chance!

Quick and Simple

…Kwiksew and Simplicity, to be exact. I’ve just knocked up another Kwiksew 3658 in off-white rib knit from MyFabrics.  I didn’t have the fabric shortage this time, so the sleeves are full length.  It’s a nice fine knit, great for layering.  Nothing much to say, it’s almost entirely done on the overlocker bar the CF … Continue reading Quick and Simple

Owl Service

Anyone remember this from 1969? I love that book, although the TV series was a bit disappointing!  Anyway, why the reference to owls?  Because I just made a top from some cool ‘Hiding Owl’ fabric which I found on MyFabrics.  It was a payday indulgence, a bit of retail therapy which I justified [it’s a … Continue reading Owl Service

Cutting Remarks

Woohoo I got me some sew-jo!  I had a mad indulgent splurge last week [payday, can’t help myself] and ordered shedloads of patterns and fabrics.   They’ve been arriving all week, and I finally reached ignition point and got the itch again.  Just a little, but I have put in several hours of pattern prep … Continue reading Cutting Remarks

Bottoms Up! #1

Katy & Laney tap shorts.  Purple linen/viscose from MyFabrics.  Facings in Tana lawn. Another weird case of measuring carefully, cutting correct size…then finding it doesn’t fit me anywhere.  My belly required size 18, my hips size 8!  Blimey try grading between those lol I did my best, and although I’d originally planned to bind all … Continue reading Bottoms Up! #1

Simply Red

After my little wardrobe blitz, I noticed a dearth of red…and, conveniently, some red and reddish fabrics among my more recent acquisitions. Serendipity! So, just cut out and ready to sew I present: Another Folkwear Frontier shirt, using the mega-red roses stretch cotton sateen.  I’ve placed the pattern to put roses on the body sections … Continue reading Simply Red