Party Line

Vogue 1470 Tom & Linda Platt A bit slim fitting for podgy old me perhaps BUT I love the asymmetrical lines, my hips and legs are still pretty good, and I am ITCHING to use some of this fabulous silk dupion yardage I snagged over on a Facebook destash group.  It’s embroidered all over in … Continue reading Party Line

Making plans…

Left in the Box-of-Abandonment [Not yet consigned to the Crate of Shame, but who knows what will trasnpire?]… The Bombshell swimsuit which is ALMOST good but needs tweaking.  But who needs a swimsuit in November?  Not this Fairy. Style Arc Daisy trousers in black linen:  too wide, weird pockets.  the fabric is worth saving though, … Continue reading Making plans…

Kimono-ver to My Place!

I’ve had this pattern for ages, and first made it up from a light lime green second-hand kimono for the missus.  She liked it, never wore it, and has now outgrown it.  Hey ho. It’s a lovely pattern, one of the now defunct [I think] ‘Vogue Woman’ range, V8434, which had slightly more mature proportions, … Continue reading Kimono-ver to My Place!

Action and Distraction

It’s been a horrible week at work, battling against managerial incompetence and the usual bullying.  I’m only working four days a week now, to protect my tenuous grasp on sanity, but it can still feel like ten days.  Sigh.  My sewing mojo is struggling to get me into action most days. Half term now though, … Continue reading Action and Distraction

Caught Napping

Following a couple of questions about the construction of my sorta-6Nap skirt, I’m just going to go over it here, as previously blogged, but all together.  Hopefully it will make some sense! First I made the waistband and yoke from a stretch remnant, judging the shape of the points just by eye, sticking masking tape … Continue reading Caught Napping