Wife of wives…

…which is how Lalume, played by Dolores Grey, is introduced in ‘Kismet’ [1955]. Phoo-er,  I love that film [as I may have mentioned before], and its fabulously luscious old-Hollywood costumes.  We walked down the ‘aisle’ to the wonderful ‘Night of my Nights’. Years later, I went to see a stage production, and was ITCHING to … Continue reading Wife of wives…

Tipping the Scales

Inspiration struck. On the sewing table:  the Game of Thrones inspired tunic for dawn, a grey/white steamm powered shirt, and a sleeveless clock print tunic.  All good fun.  So I decided to start on the ‘simplest’, the GoT tunic.  It’s this pattern In these fabrics  This morning, I came over all creative [oh dear].  For … Continue reading Tipping the Scales

Bodice Shop

Time goes so fast when I’m on holiday!  I’m actually struggling to get my sewing speed up to normal- maybe I have just too many things on the back burner, so I can’t get a move on.  I spent most of yesterday messing on the PC or napping, and finally got down to some sewing … Continue reading Bodice Shop


CoBloWriMo Day 12: “Give us a progress report on your current projects” [FYI, Day 11 was just a suggestion to read and comment on other contributors’ blogs…which I do anyway] Right, rolling up sleeves and rubbing hands together. A] What’s on my sewing table, already cut out: denim riding breeches for me [yes, still there, … Continue reading Wassup?