Oh Dear Oh Dear…

Hello possums! Have you missed me?  Did you even notice I haven’t been doing any normal sewing for AGES? Well, I’m in an insane flurry right now, feeling unwell [some horrible stomach bug, I look like I’m pregnant] and marking three A level papers simultaneously.  Bad planning, what can I say? So I decided to … Continue reading Oh Dear Oh Dear…


Tomato/tomata… Irrelevant to the dress, but I love the song.  There’s an interview with Peter Gabriel where he describes the song’s origins- I just know it makes the hairs on my neck stand up, good enough for me! Back to the sewing: Style Arc ‘Jacinta’ maxi dress, poly jersey, heavy ponte, quite beefy.  I got … Continue reading Jacinta/Jacinto


You know I love Style Arc right?  Huh?  Well I was bored today at work, so I compiled a visual list of all the patterns I have.  I think.  It was at work, so it’s from memory, but it’s not  a bad collection…have a peek. I make that 37.  4 skirts, 7 trousers, 6 jackets, … Continue reading STYLE IT!


Sorted!  It wasn’t as much work as I’d thought either: I unpicked the zip on one side only, leaving a pin level with the waistband…moved it all down a tad, basted, re-stitched, and tweaked the hemline on one side to match t’other.  A bit of hand sewing to catch down all the facings and do … Continue reading Mindicated

Bottoms Up! #2

Last of the current batch: StyleArc ‘Mindi’ jeans skirt, zip front and zip patch pockets.  Red stretch denim, insides finished in self made bias from Mickey Mouse brushed cotton.  If I tell you that I originally bought this fabric from a market stall to make something for my son when he was about 2. [and … Continue reading Bottoms Up! #2

At Last!

I’ve finally had a letter saying the redundancy threat is lifted.  It arrived before we went on our day out on Saturday, so I delayed opening it in case it spoiled the day…phew! We had a lovely, sunshiney, blue skies day out at Goodrich castle and Symonds Yat.  Cream tea, pub lunch, a stroll by … Continue reading At Last!

Cutting a Swathe

That was me over the last couple of days, choppy choppy, hacky hacky!  Then HOURS today of pressy pressy, fusey fusey, bastey bastey.  I then had a brain burp and decided that I wanted contrast facing finishes in EVERYTHING.  So lots of bias cutting. The results? A mega-heap of sewing waiting for a couple of … Continue reading Cutting a Swathe